Exercises To Avoid During

Let’s see the exercises that are best removed from your daily routine:

1. Crunches or sit-ups:

During pregnancy, avoid doing crunches or sit-ups. Since your body is already stretched, you might not like to stretch it further.

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2. Overhead shoulder press:

This is not good after the first trimester. It puts stress on your lower back, which is not good during pregnancy.

3. High-intensity interval workouts:

During pregnancy, your heart works hard to meet the increased demand for blood. High-intensity interval workouts increase the heart beat, thereby putting pressure on your heart. Your heart rate should not go beyond 140 beats per minute.

4. Contact or high impact sport:

Any high impact or contact sports should be strictly avoided during pregnancy, especially towards the later stages of pregnancy. Engaging in such sports activities can lead to injuries.

5. Lying flat on your back:

If you are in the second or third trimester, do not do exercises by lying on your back. This position can result in supine hypertension syndrome, which is associated with the symptoms like low blood pressure and dizziness.

6. Deep sumo squats and sumo deadlifts:

Avoid engaging in exercises like deep sumo squats and sumo deadlifts as they can result in injuries and backache.

7. Hot yoga:

Hot yoga leads to overheating of the body, which is not good during pregnancy. Avoid exercising in hot and humid conditions as it overheats the body, leading to heat stress and adverse effects such as neural tube defects. in the developing babies. However, you can try other yoga poses that are safe during pregnancy.

8. Weight lifting:

Lifting weights is a strict no during pregnancy because it can lead to musculoskeletal stress and cardiovascular issues. Though rare, it could result in pre-term babies.

9. Scuba diving:

Avoid engaging in activities such as scuba diving. Though not proved, diving poses the risk of birth defects in your unborn baby.

10. Aerobic exercises:

Although moderate exercises are good, strenuous aerobic workouts should be avoided during pregnancy, especially if you have a heart disease, severe anemia, or persistent bleeding in the second or third trimester.

Some other exercises to avoid while pregnant include the ones that involve lying on the stomach, backbends, tai chi, and movements involving extension of joints.

The one simple rule: You must feel comfortable while doing an exercise. If you feel uneasy, then stop and take a break. Yes, we say a ‘break’ because you need not stop exercising completely, as it is good for you in more ways than one.

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