Having a pet can be one of the best things you ever do in your life. They provide us with constant entertainment, become part of our family and they are an integral part of our lives. But they can actually be beneficial to our too.

1. A Healthier Heart

Believe it or not, having a pet dog or a cat can actually reduce your risk of developing heart disease. The reason for this is that they can reduce our and will also encourage us to get out and exercise much more often. Exercise causes out blood to pump around our body and rescues its pressure, and it also strengthens our heart overall. People who own live a much longer lifespan than those who do not.

2. Stress Busters

Life can be stressful and tough at times, and everything in our lives can bugle up and become overwhelming if we let it happen. Stress related illnesses are some of the most common amongst the working population and can reduce this stress by making us happier people. You can be much happier by having a pet to come home to at the end of a hard day and one to cuddle when you are down. For those who have emotional and mental conditions you can even look at CertaPet’s ESA guide to get an emotional support animal who will help you deal with your stress. Petting your dog or cat releases positive hormones in the brain which keep us happy.

3. Sociability

As soon as you own a pet, you become much more attractive as a friend to everyone who sees you. By having a dog for example, you are much more likely to make friends while out and about in the Park because people will either want to come over and pet your dog, or they will have dogs themselves and will talk to you about them. You will make a lot of new friends and acquaintances!



4. Better Mood

As we have already discussed, pets can make us happier for a time, and they can even make us into more caring people in general. With the responsibility we have thrust upon is with looking after an animal, we can become nicer people. By having to be compassionate towards our pets and understand their needs, we learn to recognise emotions in others.

5. Immune System

If you have a child newly born, getting a pet can significantly reduce their chances of getting an illness such as asthma or suffering from allergies. Being in an environment where pets are will help your child to become immune to their fur and therefore be able to live their life without worrying about allergies.

6. Autistic Children

Autistic children often have issues connecting with other people and forming emotional bonds. A pet can offer your child a place to go and a friend who will not judge them and who will love them no matter what. This can offer comfort to your child and will also allow them to become much more confident.