Maybe it’s sampling error, but I am seeing an increasing number of people who are being financially crushed by the system.

One recent patient had a real rhythm problem, one that could or should be fixed with a procedure. But he could not afford it. He had insurance but could not afford to pay his allotted portion. I felt helpless–because although I could agree to do it for free, the hospital charges would be over $100,000.

Another patient suffers from stress-induced arrhythmia because her brother–whom she is close to– is hospitalized and she can’t be with him at the bedside. Why? Because of the fear of losing her job. If she loses her job, she loses her health insurance.

These are working people work. They saved money. They followed the rules of society. Then one unfortunate health crisis could drain their life’s savings. More and more of us are vulnerable. That’s not right.

We need to change this unfair system.

Take a look at this 2-minute video on the difference in two healthcare systems:

After listening, stop and think.